Project re:harmonies

Reharmonisation of old Christian hymns

Beautiful old songs testifying about profound faith, humility and deep respect towards God and melodies we grew up on are rooted in our ears and hearts. Such songs were kept for a reason for centuries by our forefathers. It is important to write new worship songs to God in every new era, however, we must not neglect the treasures we were trusted with; we must sing the old Christian hymns too, passing them on to future generations.

My dear friends,

Whether it be a theologically relevant text or a beautiful melody; it is all worth cherishing in order to preserve it as part of Christian musical culture. It has been my desire for long to enrich the Christian musical repertoire in Hungary with recordings revisiting old Christian hymns. For this reason, my musician friends and I would like to create a high quality CD with recordings of Christian hymns. We hope to revere the Lord by creating such a collection of songs of truly high standards.

The aforementioned covers would not be remakes in the style of contemporary music, much rather we intend to keep the original classical style whilst enriching them with new harmonies and orchestration. Following the principle “less is sometimes more”, we would like to record intimate, acoustic, chamber-music-like worship. (Different combinations of vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, string instruments and cajon.) If you would like us to create a whole album with music like the following video, we kindly ask you to support the project. (More videos can be found on the Vimeo-channel of re:harmonies.)

The raised money goes towards studio rent, post-production (editing, mixing), graphic design work and releasing the album.

The album would contain 12 songs and it would be ready by the autumn of 2022 latest. We would like to publish the content of the album for free, for this reason support from the community is essential. Furthermore, the sheet music of the recorded songs would be available (free of charge), in case the original works are not subject to copyright.

In the event of the project being successful, we would like to create more albums, which, besides remakes of old hymns, would also contain remakes of contemporary Christian songs (usually referred to as worship songs). Moreover, we would also create thematic albums (e.g. about the birth of Jesus, Communion, Easter etc.) in the distant future.

A great round of applause to altered harmonies, Soli Deo Gloria!

Rudolf Gusztin
October 23, 2021, Budapest

Join the re:harmonies 2021 project | Support

Project re:harmonisation is crowdfunded. Supporters from around the world make our work possible through their generosity. Thank you for considering donating to the project.

Targeted amount: 1,500,000 HUF (approximantely 4149 EUR, 4833 USD)

With the help of this amount we would like to recording an album, containing 12 Christian hyms (audio only, no video material).

Crowfunding started: 23 October 2021. Based on the latest updates (10 August 2023), 100% of the total amount has been collected. We are grateful for each supporter.

Technical information for the transactions

Bank Account Owner: Rudolf Gusztin
Bank Account Number: 11773023-00761547.
Please add the following words to the comment field: re:harmonies 2021
International Bank Account (IBAN): HU12117730610010033700000000
By using this link, you can also set up a payment via the PayPal system.
If you use PayPal, I would specifically ask you to add the following to the comments: re:harmonies 2021.

Support and exlusive gifts

Either small or bigger donation is welcome. Altough you can contribute with arbitrary amount, we've collected a few options, which helps to know, what it means for us. We also offer some gifts for VIP supporters.

2,000 HUF (5 EUR, 5 USD). With the help of this amount, we can record the first line of a song. Thank you for donating the price of your lunch to us.
5,000 HUF (15 EUR, 15 USD). We can record a whole verse or even the chorus from this price.
10,000 HUF (30 EUR, 30 USD). This makes it possible for us to record in the studio for one hour (this is approximately the time to record one song's 25-50%).
25,000 HUF (70 EUR, 80 USD). Bronze Supporter. Your donation covers the recording of approximately two songs. We are going release the album to you in a digital format one week before the premier. We will also publish short videos about the project (interviews, behind the scene film). (Notice: we will publish these later publicly.) In case you allow it, we will present your name as a supporter on the album and on the website.
50,000 HUF (140 EUR, 160 USD). Silver Supporter. Your donation makes the recording of three-fours songs possible. If you support the project with such a high amount, we are going release the album to you in a digital format one week before the premier, along with the special edition of the sheet music and also with a special bonus track with a Hungarian christian song sang in native language but with az English commentary before it. (Notice: this video will be released later publicly.) In case you allow it, we will present your name as a supporter on the album and on the website.
100,000 HUF + (270 EUR +, 300 USD +). Golden Supporter. We grant you all the benefits of being a Silver Supporter, and also present to you a special video in English language about the project. This will especially created for non-Hungarians. In case you allow it, we will present your name as a supporter on the album and on the website.

Donations will be collected on a separate bank account (not in a personal account) and the collected money is going to be spent entirely on the creation of the album (renting a studio, post-production (editing, mixing), graphic design work for the released album, production of CDs). It will not be spent on anything else, e.g. on a new instrument, even if it would be related to the recordings.

If the recording is not successful and the album is not released, the donated money is going to be returned to the donors.

Please, if you donate, send an e-mail to with your name, e-mail address (although we will have that through the letter), so later we can notify about the release, and in case your are a VIP supporter, we can send you a gift.